Body – mind connection, why it matters?

Recently, I have become very interested how our thoughts, emotions and environment affect our health. The book, The Biology of Belief  is a game changer presenting a new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning show that all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a renowned cell biologist, describes the precise molecular pathways through which this occurs.

To find out more, I approached Agnieszka Kubica, neurological physiotherapist to share her views about a body – mind connection. Read more

Powerful garlic stronger than medicines

For hundreds of years, garlic has been known for its unique values ​​in the treatment of various diseases, from the common cold and ending with complex inflammation.

Recent studies have shown, however, that garlic has such strong medicinal values ​​that it is more and more often recommended in serious heart conditions or cancer.
Its key values ​​are determined by two key compounds that translate into its strong healing properties – a sulfur-rich amino acid called allicin and an enzyme called protein-based allyase.
Allicin is a very delicate compound that is able to survive only a few hours. Its properties are similar to a strong natural antibiotic, which also has antifungal and antiviral properties.
Allicin only exists in raw garlic. Cooking causes it to disintegrate into other compounds that do not have such an effective health action. Medicinal properties of garlic rely on the mobilisation of white blood cells in the body to fight infection while stimulating other cells of the immune system to fight viral, bacterial and cancerous infections.
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A Thai Kayan lesson that changed my life

Someone one said that every journey starts with a small step. The moment we step into this world, with the first breath, blink of the surrounding world we open a new chapter in our life but also those whose life would be touched by us.

There are many pathways and turns to explore, we may feel lost at times, exhausted by walking for a long time without seeing any signs, powerless. We may even forget why we have started the journey in first place or doubting that we will ever get to where we want to be.

To desperately keep moving we are blindly trying to find another path. We turn, walk, run or crawl, to move forward regardless of directions. Stopping means losing.  We make sure we keep busy and occupied to proof to ourselves that we are achieving our desires.

There are times when we cannot move forward. Everything seems to be frozen and static. Everything looks pointless and without a purpose. Like a caveman we are hiding in the cave surrounded by darkness where you cannot see what is around you. This place may be scary, lonely and empty but as long as there is a fire to keep you warm there is still hope that you survive and this light will guide you in how to leave the cave and see the world once again.

We all have moments when we become cavemen in our lives. Although, these moments might look terrifying and lonelier. These are also the most treasury periods in our lives when we have the chance to connect with ourselves and see if our GPS is set into right direction.

I only realised that I was in the cave for a long period after my trip to Thailand last year.

Seeing this amazing part of the world made me leave my cave and see the light again. Read more

Primrose, a modest miracle of nature 

Introducing the latest addition to my collection of health miracles of nature…Primrose!
This rather inconspicuous plant growing in fields has great healing properties, which are increasingly became popular in the pharmacological industry and cosmetology.
The primrose, or more specifically its seeds, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs) – linoleic acid (LA) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which depends on the correct course of many life processes.
Primrose oil are also other fatty acids – oleic, palmitic and stearic – and additionally phytosterols, protein rich in sulfur amino acids and tryptophan, enzymes, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, magnesium and calcium.
What the modest miracle can do:

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Wiesiołek, skromny cud natury na wszelkie dolegliwości

Do mojej kolekcji zdrowotnych cudów natury dołączył niespodziewanie Wiesiołek. Ta dosyć niepozorna roślina rosnąca na polach, łąkach ma wspaniałe właściwości lecznicze, które coraz bardziej doeceniane są przez przemysł farmakologiczny i kosmetologię.  Wiesiołek, a dokładniej jego nasiona, bogaty jest w nienasycone kwasy tłuszczowe (NNKT) – kwas linolowy (LA) i gamma-linolenowego (GLA), od którego zależy prawidłowy przebieg wielu procesów życiowych.

W oleju z wiesiołka są także inne kwasy tłuszczowe – oleinowy, palmitynowy i stearynowy – a ponadto fitosterole, białko bogate w aminokwasy siarkowe i tryptofan, enzymy, witamina E, cynk, selen, magnez i wapń.

W czym pomaga wiesiołek:

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Jedz świadomie. Odkryj mąki bezglutenowe

Żyj świadomie, jedz świadomie to było jedno z postanowień, które chciałam zrealizować w 2016. Powiem szczerze, nie zdawałam sobie sprawy, że jest to proces, który wymaga ciągłej praktyki, uwagi i nieustannego kształcenia ale przyznam, że warto wejść na tę ścieżkę.

W tym roku nauczyłam się słuchać samej siebie, brzmi to pewnie absurdalnie? Dla mnie już nie. Pomyśl kiedy tak naprawdę znalazłaś/eś czas tylko dla siebie aby przyjrzeć się temu co się z tobą dzieje – nasz organizm cały czas z nami rozmawia, daje nam sygnały czy jest szczęśliwy, czy też czegoś mu brakuje. Read more