Space has no boundaries. The world seen through NASA engineer lens – Tiera Fletcher

The word impossible doesn’t exist in Tiera’s dictionary. Since she was a little girl, Tiera just loved to innovate and calculate. She would use Legos, construction blocks, construction paper, pencils, coloured pencils whatever she could put her hands on in order to turn her dreams into a reality.
At the age of only 11, she decided to be an Aerospace Engineer!  She certainly knows how to turn dreams into reality. At the age of 22 she become a Rocket Engineer as a part of NASA’s space program. How did she manage to achieve her goal? The recipe to success is simple: Work, Focus, and have Faith.

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Przekraczanie granic – rozmowa z Tomaszem Kobielskim, zdobywa “KORONY ZIEMI”

Od czego się wszystko się zaczęło?

W zasadzie wszystko zaczęło się od harcerskich wędrówek, które stopniowo zaczęły łaczyć się ze wspinaniem. Generalnie ojciec mojej drużynowej był himalaistą i dzięki temu z górami wysokim miałem styczność w dosyć  młodym wieku.

Widziałem jak on się pakował na wyprawy wysokogórskie kiedy bylem młodym człowiekiem.  To niewątpliwie mogło dać jakiś impuls, ze zainteresowałem się bliżej tym tematem. Po  latach na skutek różnych doświadczeń biznesowych i  obserwacji  innych ludzi stwierdziłem że ja mam pomysł na to, jak to zrobić po swojemu. To był moment w którym podjąłem decyzje o zawodowym podejściu do tego tematu.

A po drodze były oczywiście sytuacje , że gdzieś tam mnie znajomi polecali na zasadzie „mam takiego kumpla” i jak ktoś chciał wejść na jakąś górę to dzwonili do mnie i pytali się czy nie mógłbym gdzieś z nimi w góry pojechać.

Góry w moim życiu zmieniły wszystko …

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“Small stepping stones” Hollie Smith, a poll dancer gives her wellbeing tips

Today Nature without Limits talks to Hollie Smith, a passionate poll dancer who shares her golden rules on how to stay healthy and positive.

What always puts a big smile on your face?

I love teaching dance! It’s so amazing to see students develop in both dance itself and self-confidence, seeing students excel at what they never thought they’d be able to do and being part of that happiness it very fulfilling. I love my students, we have so much fun and laugh a lot during classes, everyone is really supportive of each other and there is always a very positive energy.

201707 Hollie Smith profile

The pole community is full of so many empowering women, they are supportive of each other, they train hard, they stand up for their beliefs and are mesmerising to watch perform. To name a few Olga Koda, Daria Che, Jordan Kensley, Cleo the Hurricane and Michelle Shimmy. Read more

What we put on our skin eventually ends up in our bodies – Alev Igcioglu talks about healing properties of natural cosmetics

Natural soaps author

Have you looked at the mirror today? What your face tells you? Can you see the sparks in your eyes or tiredness? When you are happy, well – nourished, your face glows with health and energy but any imbalance in your body will immediately appear on your skin. To cover it up we use all sorts of makeup to look fresh again. In the long run, this temporary solution may cause a serious damage to our body. We often don’t realize that every single day we apply on our skin harsh chemicals that enter our bloodstream and inner organs. Read more

How to stay healthy and positive. Kate Milligan from Hong Kong shares her golden tips.

  • I lived in Hong Kong until I was 18 years old and had an extremely multicultural upbringing. I attended schools that were part of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), which meant that I received a British education while being exposed to Asian cultures and traditions on a regular basis. At 18 years old, I moved to the UK and completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at British universities before starting work in the marketing department at a software technology company. I love to try different exercises and food, and really enjoy exploring new places!
  • What is the most common health ingredient used in your country
    • Fresh ginger is commonly used when cooking in Hong Kong. It has so many nutritional benefits and really brings out the flavor in lots of dishes.
  • What is an easy way to stay healthy and positive?
    • Everything in moderation – it is OK to have a sweet treat on occasion but exercise and a balanced diet will keep you healthy and positive. Tai Chi is a common form of exercise in Hong Kong and helps you focus on deep breathing and relaxation with slow gentle movements. Hong Kong dishes also rarely have really “starchy” foods like potatoes and pasta; normally, rice is used, or rice noodles in Asian cooking.
  • What always puts a big smile on your face
    • My friends and family – I always try to spend a lot of time with them. The family is a very important part of Asian culture and you always have to attend family meals or outings. Taking care of your older relatives is also expected of you.
  • Your most powerful quote/ what keeps you motivated
    • “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” – Confucius945118_471130402973229_432476507_n
  • Who/ what inspires you?
    • Beto Perez; he’s the founder of the dance fitness program, Zumba, which was created in the 1990’s. He has a great passion for dance fitness and is always creating new dance routines. It’s great to know that I can go to a Zumba class to get fitter and healthier, without even noticing it because of my passion for dance